Noodle nests

Serves 4:
400 g fettuccine
350 g turkey breast
1 bunch of leek onions
1 small tin tomato purree
250 g Sauce Hollandaise (ready for cooking)
200 g grated cheese
200 g chreme fraiche

preparation: Cook noodles "al dente". Cut turkey breast in slices,
leek onions in rings. Roast turkey breast and leek onions in oil,
add tomato purree. Season with salt and pepper. Arrange noodles 
in nests on a baking tin, strew the half of the grated cheese on
the top, spoon tomato sauce over the noodles. Stir sauce 
hollandaise and creme fraiche, spoon over the tomatoe sauce and
strew the rest of grated cheese on the top. Gratinate in the pre-
heated oven at 220 C for 30 minutes.

recipe by Christiane Franz
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